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Welcome to my website devoted to the promotion of my writing. I have several works. My first is a memoir, Love Always, Hobby and Jessie(2009). My second is a poetry book, Two Little Girls in a Wading Pool(2012); third is a chapbook, A Cruise in Rare Waters, fourth is Stones for Words (2014). Sometimes the Little Town, was released early 2016. Needville, my poetry about coal mining in SW Virginia came out in 2019. In 2020, Simple River was released. And in 2022, out came Poetry Matters!

Look for my columns on writing poetry, Poetry Matters, in issues of Southern Writers Magazine.. Check it out. Reading venues are coming up. Check out my Facebook page! You can also watch and hear me read a poem on YouTube. Check out:

 "Asymmetry is/a plump wren perched/on a thin branch/contemplating/a ripe strawberry/stilled on a table In its serene/pose does/the wren feel/ripeness or see/the redness or/is the setting/just a pas de deux/for one" (from Stones for Words).

Needville debuted as a play in 2020. It will resume in spring of 2023 with a performance at The Lincoln Theater, Marion, VA.  I hope to present more performances. . Announcements forthcoming.  My latest book, Poetry Matters, is out! Need inspiration and motivation to read and write poetry? Then this book is for you, I promise.

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